Code Validator

Enter the URL of your website if you have one, or any website, and use the validate button to check for erros in the html markup. Learn more about web standards compliance and the many benefits of clean, valid html and css codes.

External resources like scripts and frameworks can cause your site to fail validation if there are erros in the code. Building websites that conform to the W3c's Html, Css, and accessibility standards are not popular search queries on any of the search engines. There are many reasons for that, but perhaps the main one is the conspicuous absence of Standard compliant website design, a rare practice on the web.

The web design business is a multi-million dollar industry with an ever-increasing amount of competitors from all over the globe vying for your support. From free to purchased products and services, the options are endless, and some of the offers are so enticing, it's easy to fall for the hype if you need a website.

You could end up with problems you did not anticipate and do not have the experience to address and resolve. It's happening every day to a lot of website owners that purchased or use free website templates and Content management systems for an online business or personal use.

Almost every aspect of designing and building a website today requires validation for adherence to existing standards established by The (W3C) World Wide Web Consortium, the international standards organization for the World Wide Web. CMS webpages and Free website templates are not W3C standards compliant and well structured semantic Html.

Valid Html and Css don't mean everything is okay if It's all green, It's only the starting point of web standards compliance. Your codes could pass Html/Css validation and fail usability and accessibility standards, which might be the most important of all the standards requirements.