Accessible Website

Importance Of Web AccessibilityMany web authors and newcomers to the web design business seem to associate website accessibility with dull, boring web pages. Some claim it hinders creativity and other wild ornate fantasies that they might have about web design, but that's a callus assumption of what accessibility is and its significance in web designs and development.

Benefits Of Accessibility

How To Make Links Accessible

Web Accessibility Standards

Accessibility is a web standard with protocols and guidelines that you should follow to ensure that your website is accessible to all users. The process starts with the design, layout, and structural architecture of the page. Markup must have meaning, so your html should have a well defined document outline, navigation links, and a logical structure.

Html Is A Text Document

Html Text Document

The temptation to adorn your websites with all the latest social media buttons and other fanciful widgets might be hard to resist, but you should keep in mind that a webpage is a text document, no matter what you add to It.

External Web Components:
Website plugging components are popular with web design and website template companies, but plugging can present a lot of unforeseen accessibility problems that could make your web pages unusable for people with different types of disabilities.

Making Scripts Accessible:

Javascript is a popular scripting language used by almost every website to perform different dynamic functions, but like most scripting languages, Javascript has a lot of critical accessibility issues that could have a negative impact on a website performance if not used in accordance with the W3C Accessibility Guidelines.