Website Architect

SWD Standard Web Designs specializes in building W3C compliant, customized websites with valid Html5 and Css while providing other important web related services exclusively from our home-based studio in Newport, Rhode Island.

If this is your first visit to the site thanks for stopping by. There are ways you can work with Standard Web Designs studio and don't have to spend a dime. Consultations and website code Inspection are services we offer at no cost, so if you have any questions related to your website or would like to have your Html markup inspected, use the contact form to communicate with SWD.

Web Accessibility

The Inspiration to create SWD derived from observing the chaos and apparent disregard for web standards that have become the usual practice in the web design community. Html5 intent was to bring some order and much-needed rules to the process of designing and publishing on the web, but very little has changed.

The web is rapidly adopting and embracing standards, but web designers continue to indulge in the ingrained bad habits with impunity and ignoring significant markup, accessibility, and usability standard requirements. It might seem trivial to physically able website visitors with all their human attributes intact, and can use a computer mouse, tab, and swipe on a touchscreen device, but what about those who cant?

In support of the ongoing efforts to make the web more accessible to all, I've decided to build Standard Web Designs and provide an integrated web architecture service that builds websites in compliance with current W3C accessibility and usability standard requirements.


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