Mykal Kumasi Jones

Freelance Web Design Architect

There's a lot I could tell you about myself, but it would take several pages, so I will tell you what's important for now. I am an Indie music artist, singer, songwriter, and produce. Apart from composing and playing music, I am an advocate for web standards and a freelance custom web designer in Newport, Rhode Island.

Website Profile

My Interest in web design gradually evolved after learning basic HTML from several tutorials I found on a website called Html Goodies, authored by professor Joe Burns. I designed, built, and published my first website in 2003, and since then, I've designed several websites for my self and a few clients.

Html Tables And CSS

Following the HTML tutorials, I acquired some new skills, learned a few tricks, and gained a lot of experience working with Html tables before making the transition to Cascading Styles Sheet. I was a bit reluctant to embrace CSS since I was accustom too and love working with Html Tables, but as I continued practicing, I realized that using Css was easier than I thought initially.

XHTML Markup Discipline

The introduction Of XHTML 1.0 changed my thinking, habits, and general approach to web design. I start to wonder if I took on more than I was capable of amusing that XHTML will be another mountain to climb. Once I figured It out, It became my favorite of all the Html specifications and the markup protocol that define my coding style.

HTML5 Compliant Web Pages

Before Html5 became official, I redesigned a few sites while experimenting with some of the new features. What I like most about Html5 is that It simplified the process of building websites and allowed me to be more innovative and creative with my design concepts while conforming to current web standards.

Scripting Languages

At best, my Javascript skills are minimal, but given the increasing capabilities of CSS, I probably won't need it. Nonetheless, I like the dynamic functions Javascript provides. Since most website accessibility and usability issues derive from the use of scripts in general, I try to avoid unnecessary and excessive use in my Html documents.

Tools And Process

You might be surprised at the number of tools in my web design toolkit. The tools I use to build websites with are NoteTap Html text editor, Photoscape image editor, photo zoom photo editor, and Microsoft Paint, a handy and versatile tool that I use mostly for cutting and stitching things together.

Assuming you're not surprised by my limited and almost empty toolkit, maybe you're wondering how in the world can I build websites with so little tools! I am sure you must have heard the term "It's not what you do, is how you do it" Well, I use it as a guiding principle in my life, and the creative work I've published on the web bears testimony to that.

How I approach and execute my work is a by-product of the minimalist mentality, "less is best." The process is divide into four phases to keep it simple. Build the website, validate the codes, upload pages to the server, and last but not least by any measure, run every necessary analytic test, and make corrections where needed. is one of my favorites and probably the best one in my evolving portfolio of standard-compliant websites. Although It's not the best example of minimalist website design, the page speed and size are much lighter and faster than most authentic minimalist websites.