Web Design Standards

w3c Consortium

People often search online for tips on "how to build a website" and try to do it for themselves , but it usually don't take long for them to realize that designing and publishing a website is not as easy as it might look. Html is a web language, so you have to learn to speak it, write it, and understand how to use it correctly.


The W3c is the organization that establish the standards for building web applications and web pages with Html5, CSS, and other technologies, and provide guidelines and tips on how to make websites standard compliant and accessible to all users including people with disabilities.

Why are most of the websites today not accessible and standard compliant? There are several reasons, but the main one is "because they can get away with it." In spite of all the progress and advancement over the years, the web is still a chaotic and lawless place where people are accustomed to doing what they like, so web standards are hard to enforce.

Authors & Developers

Web authors are expected to comply with in practice, but it's obvious that most don't! For some web designers, following standards is like shackling their hands, so they usually disregard them and continue to propagate the web with poorly coded invalid html documents that do not conform to current web standards.

The construction methods and basic fundamentals of web design is not much different to those employed by a contractor when building a house, you must have a plan and know what you are doing before you start. You should not build a website that do not conform to current web standards for people that pay you to do the job. If you are a qualified web design architect, they expect the best of you.

Standards Versus ROI

Most of the activities on the web today are generated by people investing in business ventures, new technologies, electronics and financial services, so return on Investment is a major determining factor and perhaps the only priority of some E-commerce website owners, webpage authors, and web design companies.

The claim that money changes everything is applicable to the web and what it has become, a place where most users play by their own rules and business operations and investors needs supper seeds essential web accessibility, markup, and usability standards.