Web Design Standards

The W3c is the organization that establishes the standards for building web applications and web pages with Html5, CSS, and other technologies and provides guidelines and tips on how to make websites standard compliant and accessible to all users, including people with disabilities.

Why are most of the websites today not accessible and standard-compliant? The absence of enforcement is the main reason designers get away with it. Despite the progress and advancement over the years, the web is still a chaotic and lawless place where people have become accustomed to doing what they like, so web standards are hard to enforce.

Authors Designers Developers

Nevertheless, Web authors are encouraged to comply with W3c best practices recommendations, but it's apparent that most don't! For some web designers, following standards is like shackling their hands and putting them in a cage, so they usually disregard them and continue propagating the web with fancy-looking non-conforming Html documents.

The construction protocols and fundamentals of web design are not much different from those of a contractor when building a house. You must have a plan and follow the building code standards. If you're a web developer, you should not create a website that does not adhere to the current web standards for people that pay you to do the job.

Web Standards Vs Business ROI

Most of the activities on the web today are generated by people investing in business ventures, new technologies, electronics, and financial services. Business cooperation dominates the web today, and apparently, their return on investment gets priority over standards compliance enforcement.

The claim that money changes everything is applicable to the web and what it has become, a place where most users play by their own rules and business operations and investors needs supper seeds essential web accessibility, markup, and usability standards.

Is the W3c losing its status and influence on the world wide web? It seems as if browser vendors and manufacturers are creating some of the new standards and specifications for the web design industry.