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It's fairly easy to build aesthetically pleasing websites given the amount of free resources and tools available to web designers and developers today. Perhaps not all, but some do build sites that look good. Nonetheless, looks can be deceiving! When was the last time you analyze your website? Have you check the file size, or test the speed of your web site recently? Page speed is a new website ranking metric used by Google and other search engines.

Website Analysis

Am sure you've visited good looking sites that seem to take forever to load and some that never stop loading. Ever wondered why? Well, that happens when web authors are obsess with using the latest everything and not focusing on the important and necessary things to achive maximum site performance.

Usable Accessible Fast

What are they? Usability, accessibility, and speed. If you can meet those standards requirement you are doing allot of things right, and if you can do it using all the bells and whistles you like, you are not only doing what's important and necessary, you are doing everything right.

If you're new to the web design business, the lure of new web enhancement technologies might be hard to resist, but you can! Bear in mind that the more components you add to a webpage, the bigger the file size, and you don't want that. The value and benefits of a user-friendly website with fast loading pages exceeds any that a good looking site might have.