Customize Website Designs

The web design industry has evolved into a lucrative business for a wide variety of web design companies and freelance web developers competing for work and claiming that they are the best, but how can you tell?

Pre-Fab Website Templates

Prefab Website Templates

Most of the big web design firms don't write codes for the sites they create. Some use pre-fab website templates generated by website building software, so that's why almost all the websites they produce look alike except for the different photos.

Customize Websites

Custom Made Website Examples

If you own one of those pre-fab websites or planing too, don't be sawed by all the claims and ostensibly free services these businesses offer. Get a customized website. You can learn more about the benefits of a customized website, from standard web designs studio in Newport, Rhode Island.

Website Analyzer

Website Analyzer Tool

The main problem with most of the pre-fab website is the Css and Html. The codes are poorly written, bloated, and do not conform to web standards best practice. Other issues range from pages with too much info scatted all over the place, websites that are inaccessible and confusing, and sites that use too many pop-ups, cookies, and Javascript.

It's hard to prove some of the claims without any clearly defined criteria. Given the new metrics, tools, and different factors used to determine the overall quality of a website, you would have to do a lot of testing and analysis to verify or disprove them.