Review Of The Web

The world wide web has made strides in its ongoing efforts to encourage standard compliance in spite of the resistance to make it mandatory while web browsers and website builders continue to struggle with full implementation and compliance with new Html5 standard requirements. The fact is, the majority of web pages on the web today are non conforming Html documents.

The apparent slow pace and unwillingness of some to adopt the prevailing web standards are indicative of the systematic practice of ignoring guidelines designed to make browsing the web more pleasant and websites more accessible and usable to all. Since the emergence of the Internet, there's no established president of ethics or morality on the web, It's all about gaining the advantage, and some will do almost anything to achieve It.

IS The WWW A Monopoly?

Today, the web is a global interactive platform used by big and small players from all over the world to communicate, compete, and conduct all sort of business transactions daily, but despite all the technological advancement made over the years, Its infrastructure and operations remain monopolized.

It's hard to deny that business interest has become the most powerful and influential force on the web with no serious challenge to its dominance. Driven by co-operate profit, It has manipulated and created a business environment where anything goes, and best practice and standards compliance do not define the quality of work produced on the web.

Enforcing Web Standards

Making money, is the objective, main priority, and the purpose of most online business endeavors, and some will do it at any cost since there are no mechanisms in place to enforce web standards. Ironically, most of the dominant players on the web are the ones that seem to be hindering the full implementation of all the standard recommended by the W3C. Maybe there should be two categories of websites, non-standard, and standard compliant sites with a quality assurance icon.